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Updated: Apr 20, 2018

"Ingrid's thrilling story is a scary ride, expressed sharply, as she maneuvers herself and her life forward creatively, using her education and high-born class. Sensing her destiny, she hides much muscle behind her mirror."

Karen Krause, Artist-Photographer (New York)

"An exciting journey of growth and sacrifice as well as a raw look into the French Resistance. This read prompted memories of my dad's stories of his military experience. He was captured in France and sent to a German POW camp with Russian soldiers during WWII."

Michael Mooney (Michigan)

"It was a great read. It has been a long time since I enjoyed a book this much. I did not want to put it down. Historical Fiction is something I always love. The characters came alive in my mind. I was right there with Ingrid during WWII. The depth was real and passionate. The twists and turns of the plot kept me guessing and hoping things would turn out well for Ingrid and her daughter. Like so many women, she gave completely of herself out of pure love . . . a very courageous woman in a horrific time in history."

Shelby McGuire (South Carolina)

The Resistance Between Us resonates with our desire to be part of something greater than ourselves. Ingrid's saga was deeply introspective for me . . . a much-needed eye-opener about WWII and its stark reality for my parents' generation."

Nancy Mooney (Michigan)

"A gripping story of a French World War II heroine who hid Jews in her basement (who were) en route to safety. The story unfolds in such vivid detail that the reader can almost see and feel the action firsthand. (And the characters come alive on each page.) The dialogue is filled with historically accurate facts and covers the gamut of human emotion and experience. I couldn't put this book down! It is Historical Fiction at its best, and so brilliantly written."

Grace Schuler, Personnel Consultant, Entrepreneur (Pennsylvania)

Gripping. So Real I Forgot It Was Events Tied Together As Fiction. I Was Living It . . .

"I am a reader of only touching knowledge of the atrocities Germany perpetrated on Jewish people in Germany itself, and in Europe, but I wasn't aware of the dire circumstances in the Gestapo-occupied areas of France. After reading this spellbinding novel, I am doing a long review, which is my way of putting it together for myself—and how things are not so different now.
I found the message in this work by Phyllis Kimmel Libby is developed in a deep way—beginning with the title itself—and on to the very last page. It depicts events that were happening in small towns across Nazi-occupied France, as well as in Germany and Europe during the World War II years.
The resistance, in my mind, at first, was the courageous underground plot that moved Jewish peoples to France and to freedom—a way of resisting the evils of the Nazi regime. However, the resistance is that and more. Enter the heroine, Ingrid, a person of financial means who could ignore the ugliness on her doorstep, but will not.
Despite her own resistance to fear and uncertainty, she accepts a precarious role helping these underground efforts. She finds out (as she gets more involved) that she is risking her health, her loved ones, family financial ruin, lost friendships and the wrath of neighbors as she becomes a social outcast.
Her resistance is first within her own heart and conscience.

J. Ferris (Oklahoma)

I've Read Many Novels About World War II

I've read many novels about WWII, including those about Occupied France. This book is outstanding. It tells the tales of the residents of an occupied village, mostly from the perspective of one woman who navigates the complexities of survival and moral choices in that difficult situation. Phyllis Kimmel Libby, who clearly has done the historical research of that period, digs deeply into the psyche of her protagonist, creating a credible and emotionally compelling story. I look forward to any sequels she writes.

C. Bowman, author, therapist

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