More Than the Title of a Novel

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

The Resistance Between Us is more than the title of a novel. It is a sign of our times. . .

The Resistance Between Us is more than the title of a novel. It is a sign of our times—as well as for the historic times reflected in our book.

Mimicking history, today our every action, reaction and motivation appear to be under intense scrutiny. Take this moment to step forward for a closer look and we can begin to understand why: too many people of power have fallen short of exercising that power with integrity.

In response, however respectful or superficial we may be, our ability to honor the next person we meet with trust is fast eroding.

Suspicion and paranoia tend to color our attitudes. We have great trouble balancing our humanity against the weakness of an ingrained tribal mentality. That mentality will act first, without moral consciousness, and perhaps ask "why?" afterwards.

Attitudes translate morality (or immorality) into actions. When a culture—or a large segment of a culture—is under domination because of race, color, creed, economic caste, or any of the other "differences" used purposely to divide and conquer us, then liberty, equality and fraternity become flashpoints. The shared beliefs and values of the group are all vulnerable.

We must either self-correct, or face outright doom.

The midpoint we need is a neutrality that allows for discussion, mediation and successful resolution. It requires sanity, informed intelligence, courageous actions, humility and a commitment to love one's fellow human beings. Those of us with a strong moral and spiritual base who do not take a responsible stand risk succumbing to a perilous resistance between ourselves and everyone else.

We cannot rewrite the history of the horrific times and fates endured by earlier peoples of resistance, but we can pay heed to them, learn much and strive not to repeat such horrors.

Raise your own bar high, as does Ingrid, as her Resistance family must do, and even as caring people worldwide who risk their lives for others have always done.

Let us break down the barriers and the barbed wire fences. Once and for all, we must leave behind the resistance between us.

copyright March 2018; all rights reserved

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