Book One, Ingrid's Wars, The Resistance Between Us

opens with Ingrid Fellner's discovery of two dead Jews on her Doubs riverbank, a young couple with yellow stars on their coats. An encounter there compels her to join the Résistance. She shields Jews and political refugees in her basement while she entertains the Nazi enemy upstairs. 

When the Liberation comes, Ingrid stands alone in a courtroom, head shaved, a tondue and pariah--charged with Treason, as the book spirals into a wild climax.

Book Two, Ingrid's Wars, Hard of Healing, finds Ingrid poised to take a rough road to forgiveness. followed by a passionate atonement in Book Three, Ingrid's Wars, Hostage to Life.



Book One, Ingrid's Wars
The Résistance Between Us is a tough, realistic account of a conscientious life ultimately well lived.  "This is my time to honor unwanted guests," writes Ingrid de Vochard Fellner, "and pray for the day I can make them go home. Pardon my scorn, but these guests are my enemy. Not the Germans I grew up with, nor the man I married and lost. The enemy is a rigid, twisted, oddly obedient criminal lot everyone fears." She joins the French Résistance. She shields Jews in her basement while she entertains Nazis upstairs. Then she does all the things she said she never would. Liberation comes at book's end. Ingrid stands alone in a courtroom, head shaved, tondue and pariah—charged with Treason. Neither Résistants nor her betrayers know the truth. What transpires spirals into a wild climax. Ingrid is left poised for a rough road to forgiveness in Book Two, and a passionate atonement in Book Three.
Book Two, Ingrid's Wars 

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The war is over and Ingrid is hard of healing. She's insulted, exhausted, confused and afraid—but also angry. Few people believed she had the audacity to act bravely in the face of SS abuse or her town's savage attacks. Now (like her grafted Old Testament beloveds), she must deal with having survived the Holocaust. Loss, blame, fear-induced poor judgment and the split-second consequences of having had to make choices to act alone, in self-defense, color every move she makes.  Her challenges to forgive herself and others take her to a Displaced Persons' camp on the French/German border, New York City's Upper East Side, and downtown Algiers. Her blunt love for the truth (that saved her life) embarrasses the younger generation she protected, yet they cling to her vision and strength.
We see ourselves in her world. She gets past blame to walk in another's shoes. Human survival depends on our forgiveness. Ingrid leads the way: multiplying it exponentially across the globe.
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Book Three, Ingrid's Wars

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Ingrid bounces back into life. Widowed, revitalized, and determined at age 65, she is most times a gentle guide for her family, but often challenges them "brusquely" to carry their survivor wounds with dignity. Still, her passionate love for all must cope with active, increasing and frustrating resistance from unexpected sources.
     The next generation is born. A new anti-Semitic terrorism assaults France and victimizes Paris and Ingrid, personally. Trust prompts fellow résistants to admit guilt they have held silent for decades. A long-suppressed truth reconciles Ingrid and Marta. The reader recognizes Ingrid's passion and can identify with our heroine’s increasing wisdom and power.
       A reckless finale achieves a desperate hope when fearless to atone, Ingrid risks her life to win freedom for herself, strangers, and her enemy. 
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